Our Vision

We’ve always had a strong vision for our life – one where we balance our love of home with our love for travel. Like many people, we enjoyed living a traditional life, with all the comforts – while also craving more freedom and adventure. After living a ‘normal life’ for years, we made a bold move. We sold our home and left our corporate jobs so we could enjoy a life of full-time travel, while bringing our jobs on the road with us.

If you’re considering a life of travel, buying an RV, or simply want to follow along, join us as we share a birds-eye view of our RV lifestyle! We share Travel Pictures & Updates, Tips on the RV Lifestyle, Product Installs & Upgrades, How to make a living from the road, and more.

Our mission is to inspire others to break out of the standard “work until you’re old, then retire” life. We believe that the status quo is designed to benefit big corporations and the wealthy, and is soul-crushing for many people. While we respect a strong work ethic, we also believe you can live a life filled with creativity, adventure, and self-expression throughout your income-earning years and beyond!

Rich, Kathy, & Lexi the Travel Kitty

We believe that freedom, life experiences, travel, family, friends, and quality time are the most important things in life.

We want to help others change their lives – so they can enjoy more freedom and adventure in whatever way they choose!

About Rich

About Rich Kent

Hi, I’m Rich – Web designer by trade, as well as a marketer, writer, photographer & traveler. I grew up in Massachusetts in a small town near the Quabbin Reservoir.

As a youth, my mother took us on lots of road trips. Since we didn’t have much money we tent camped our way around the country. I love the outdoors, so camping was natural for me, and waking up in a campground always felt like home.

Fast forward to 1998 – Kathy and I moved to California and I got a job at a mail order – soon to be web-based retailer. I worked in the marketing department and spent 8 years getting a thorough education in advertising, marketing, SEO, PPC, print media, web design, graphic design and business in general.

During this time I also got a dose of the Southern California lifestyle. Kathy and I leased BMWs, bought a ‘modest’ $600K house, trekked and tent camped, and spent plenty of weekends in Vegas. We had a great time – and like most aspirationals we were over-extended.

Fast forward to 2006. I woke one morning and had a moment of clarity. I realized I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live at all. Working for ‘the man’ in an office, commuting on congested freeways, and spending everything we earned on the house, cars and expensive lifestyle suddenly felt like the cage that it is.

I needed to escape.

I convinced Kathy to sell the house (right before the market crash of 2006) and we began a life simplification process. By the time the ‘great recession’ hit we’d managed to reduce our overhead significantly.

In hindsight we’re even more happy we acted when we did. The company I worked for went bankrupt in 2008 after the market crash and I was laid off. Kathy was laid off shortly thereafter, as the job market in California continued to tank. I looked for work for a while, but as the months ticked on I decided that I could do better than simply finding another job.

The turning point for me was reading the 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. Kathy and I decided that instead of going back to work for ‘the man’, we’d bring our work on the road and travel – something we both love to do! I began building a web design and marketing business, which I run from the road today.

When we hit the road in 2010 we traveled the U.S. via our Honda Element. We packed it full of our computers, camping gear, clothing, and other essentials. For 18 months we did a combination of tent camping, friends and relatives camping, hotel camping, and Mexican rental camping.

As time ticked by, Kathy convinced me that traveling in an RV would be much more enjoyable. I had to admit that the idea of sleeping in our own bed on the regular was a good plan. Plus we’d have all our stuff nicely organized in the RV and we could work from it too.

In 2012 we got ‘off the road’ just long enough to establish ourselves so we could buy our Winnebago Aspect 30C, and ever since then we’ve been traveling around the country.

We’re happy to have you along for our travels, and we hope that you enjoy reading about our adventures. Thanks for trekking with us!

About Kathy

About Kathy Shute

Hi there. I’m Kathy — Traveler, writer, artist, talent professional, and serial entrepreneur.

I began traveling at 3 years old, when my dad took me on a cross-country journey for my birthday, and I’ve been a traveler ever since. I love most anything that involves exploring the outdoors. Some favorites include hiking, biking, painting, walking, kayaking, exploring, picnics, and relaxing outside with my coffee!

As a nature lover, I believe we can all be ambassadors for nature in simple but important ways…through recycling, volunteerism, donation, and living within a modest carbon footprint. (Yes, when done right, your RV footprint can be smaller than living in a traditional home and commuting to work.)

Like Rich, I grew up in Western Massachusetts – which is where I raised my two daughters. However, I’ve lived in Southern California for much of my life and have always thought of myself as ‘bi-coastal’.

I’m very enterprising, and always have tons of business ideas brewing. In Massachusetts, I started and owned a sign business, and later I co-founded a display & merchandising company. Those years flew by with raising my family, working my businesses, and traveling as often as I could.

Later when Rich and I moved to California, I went into the staffing & talent field. There I worked myself into leadership roles – complete with great pay and 60+ hour work weeks. We bought a model home, nice cars, and all the trappings that came with the life I thought I wanted. Yet a nagging feeling grew in me, as our annual two week vacations began feeling shorter each year.

Despite the limited vacation time, we were fortunate to take many road-trips over those years. Our vacations included tenting trips to Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Yosemite, and tons of other beautiful parks. We hiked the sage-filled deserts of the West and even learned to snorkel off Catalina Island. These adventures inspired me to start painting my fine art collection, Western Trails.

In 2008 my life took a new turn when I had major surgery. During my recovery I knew I was suffering from chronic fatigue. I took stock of my life and quickly realized I was craving a different life – one with less work and more flexibility and freedom.

As Rich shared, in 2010 we gave up the bigger jobs and the model home -and started our mobile lifestyle. In 2013 I finally convinced Rich to buy an RV – and we moved into our Winnebago, “Artie.”  The moment we drove him into that RV campground, I knew I was ‘home.’

In the winter of 2015 while camping in SoCal we happened upon an adorable and hungry feral kitten. While we’re both cat (and animal) lovers, we hadn’t planned on taking a pet with us on the road. As you can see, she won our hearts over and we adopted her. It was an adjustment but we’re both super happy to have Lexi along with us!

At times I miss the people and places I loved in CA. But the upside is that sometimes we bring our RV to SoCal. We also spend time on the East Coast around family, too. If you wonder how we make this life work financially, check out my article, “How I Make a Living from the Road.”

I believe in living in choice and by design, and I hope to inspire you to pursue your life purpose – in whatever form that may take for you.

Happy trekking!

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